Chamomile has great anti-inflammatory and calming properties, it’s useful in helping to nourish dry or sensitive skin, soothe muscles, treat skin irritations and promote healthy, restful sleep.

Colloidal Oatmeal is well-known to protect the skin's natural barrier, efficiently restore balance and reduce itching sensations.

Epsom salt is high in magnesium, helps promote healthy circulation and helps the body to relax. It also helps relieve inflammation and can aid in healing the bumps and bruises.

Only organic and natural ingredients, biodegradable paper bag.

Safe for use on the delicate skin of babies and toddlers. 

Chamomile, Epsom salt, Oats.

How To Use:
Infuse this beautifully bath tea bag into a warm bath, immerse yourself and relax.

Size approximately 40g / 1.41oz

Packaging 5 tea bags.

Chamomile Oats Bath Tea Bags 5pcs